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  • Everybody’s talking about it. Just open a package of chocolate candy or serve a chocolate dessert or beverage and someone is sure to comment on the latest studies that proclaim the health virtues of this much-loved confection.

    Phytobase Nutritionals has combined the best of two worlds to create an outrageously delicious chocolate candy that is even healthier than the almost-perfect version Mother Nature gave us. Just one bite of this blissfully delicious chocolate and you’ll understand why its name is reminiscent of the language of love – Amoriss.

    Amoriss begins with the lusciously exotic flavor of organically grown dark chocolate that is gently sweetened with organic sugar cane. Then it’s delicately laced with nutritional extracts that enhance both the seductive flavor of the chocolate and its natural nutritional impact.

    Each delectable serving of Amoriss Chocolates comes with only 56 calories but, oh, what delightfully satisfying calories they are! Twelve hundred milligrams of nutritional extracts from some of nature’s most potent superfruits go into each serving, making this mouth-watering concoction one of the most delectably enjoyable nutritional experiences available anywhere.

    Festively wrapped in exquisite artfully designed purple-red foil satin, each chocolate morsel contains red wine extract. The health benefits of the wine and the chocolate are similar and together they delight the palate. Sip a glass of your favorite velvety smooth robust red wine while enjoying your Amoriss for a truly sublime nutritional experience.

    The cheerfully inviting color scheme is continued on the package label, which is beautifully colorful in shades of purple, pink, and red. These vitally organic dark chocolates are loaded with additional deeply pigmented extracts that share some of the same nutritional benefits of chocolate and red wine.

    The gem-like garnet pigment of pomegranate seeds is the source of many of the functional food values of this antioxidant-rich fruit and its extract is one of the ingredients added to make the Amoriss experience one lush with age-defying benefits. Native to the Holy Land, the virtues of pomegranates have been valued since the beginning of time.

    The deeply pigmented extract from the acai brings its own antioxidant effects to Amoriss, too. The magnificently purple seeds (berries) of the acai palm, native to the tropical jungles of South America, are being widely studied due to their anti-inflammatory effects and because they seem to be effective in lowering the bad (LDL) cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.

    Yet another superfruit you’ll find in every bite of your delicious Amoriss Chocolate is mangosteen, the fruit from a tree native to tropical Pacific Rim regions. This very exotic-looking fruit brings tales of legendary desire along with its nutritional benefits.

    One of nature’s most potent nutritional powerhouses is the goji berry. This native of China has been an important element in Chinese medicine for more than 5,000 years. This remarkable fruit provides 18 amino acids, more than 30 dietary minerals (including calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, and selenium), the most nutritious oils and fatty acids, and a host of the most sought-after antioxidants known today, including very high levels of Vitamin C. And, yes, it is available in abundance in every melt-in-your-mouth, luxuriously smooth bite of Amoriss Chocolates.

    Even with all this, Amoriss Chocolates get even better. They contain a generous addition of resveratrol, a naturally occurring defense mechanism against infection in the plant world. Laboratory studies indicate resveratrol is important in fending off cancer and viral infection, keeping brain function quick and vibrant, and as an anti-inflammatory agent. It’s even thought to promote a longer lifespan while minimizing the undesirable effects of the aging process.

    It’s truly amazing to think that all this health and nutritional magic can taste good, too, but Amoriss Chocolates are indeed a gourmet treat. And they can make you as deliciously beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside.

    Gently melt an Amoriss Chocolate in the mircrowave or over a small pot of warm water. Apply this sinfully rich, aromatic liquid velvet to your face and relax a while as it performs its beautifying magic directly to your skin. Indulge often in this Amoriss antioxidant facial. This is one beauty secret your skin will crave.

    Amoriss Chocolates are so full of earthly delights you’ll surely feel young at heart each time you enjoy one. And you can enjoy them guilt-free, knowing they are promoting a healthy heart, longer life, and a stronger immune system at the same time they are delighting the senses.

    The next time someone mentions the health benefits of chocolate, share an Amoriss Chocolate with them. Show them how to take healthy chocolate to a new level of excellence.


Amoriss's proprietary formula contains:
  • ACAI BERRY is one of the most
    nutritious and powerful foods in
    the world! Acai contains a remarkable
    concentration of antioxidants
    that help combat premature aging.
    Called the Super food #1 by Dr.
    Nicholas Perricone, the highenergy
    Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry
    grows on a special Amazon palm
    tree in Brazil. Acai is packed full
    of antioxidants, amino acids and
    essential fatty acids.
  • MANGOSTEEN is known as the
    “Queen of Fruits”. Mangosteen
    contains xanthones, an incredibly
    potent antioxidant with numerous
    health benets ranging from
    maintaining a healthy immune
    system protection to promoting
    joint exibility.
  • Called the “French Paradox”, RED

    provides the heart-health benets
    of red wine without the alcohol.
    Worldwide research shows that the
    components of red wine support
    the cardiovascular system, provide
    antioxidant protection, promote
    cholesterol wellness and balance
    the immune system.
  • GOJI BERRIES grow in remote areas
    of Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and
    China and are known to maintain
    a healthy immune system, blood
    pressure and blood sugar. Goji
    have been traditionally regarded as
    a longevity, strength building, and
    sexual potency food.
  • POMEGRANATES are rich with antioxidants
    and have thrived for
    centuries as the fruit of choice for
    kings and nobles. The pomegranate
    has recently been acclaimed for its
    health benets, in particular, for its
    disease-ghting antioxidant potential
    and support of cardiovascular
  • RHODIOLA ROSEA is grown in eastern
    Siberia and dubbed golden root by
    the natives for its ability to boost energy,
    enhance moods, and improve
    mental alertness and well-being.


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