Phytobase Nutritionals, Inc.


At Phytobase Nutritionals, Inc., we are committed to identifying unique, natural, safe, and effective ingredients that deliver powerful health benefits to you. We recognize that Mother Nature knows best what our bodies need—and often meets those needs naturally in the world around us. With that objective, Phytobase has led the industry in developing satiety products and functional foods.

Generations-Old Knowledge

We search for these elements and bring them to you in safe, effective products so you can enjoy a rich and healthy life. In our dedicated search for these ingredients, we often rely on the wisdom of various cultures, histories, and traditions. This generations-old knowledge often sparks our research and development, resulting in some of the most effective, high-quality products available.

The New You

Our line of delicious wellness, and weight-management satiety products symbolizes how well the process works. These new, innovative products contain ingredients known to help eliminate hunger and boost energy, helping you to lose weight, gain confidence, and feel better than you ever have before.

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